Girls x Aminah M.

I wanted to do a project that was based around colors and what each color means. I got this idea while I was watching a The Grand Budapest Hotel directed by Wes Anderson. While watching the film, I instantly fell in love with how he used colors in the film. 

Not only was this project based around the meaning of colors and the inspiration of Grand Budapest, but it was also inspired by how I was as a child. I was very cheerful and fun so this project was very special to me. I was also dealing with depression and anxiety this summer, so this project was a way for me to express myself. 

The colors.

The colors that I used in this photoshoot are; mustard yellow, burnt orange, teal, pink and green. The colors represent; happiness, cheerfulness, nurture, calm, caring and love. 

The Little Girls.

The little girls in the photoshoot represent what the colors mean. Girls are very caring, loving,cheerful and really just full of life, so it was important to have them in the photoshoot. 

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare

Black Girl Magic.

Not only was this photoshoot important to me but I decided to have all black girls in the photoshoot because i wanted to show something positive and fun for my community. 

Fashion Film by Aminah McKenzie

Director x Editor by Aminah M.

Thank you everyone who was apart of this photoshoot and helping my creative ideas become reality. And Also, thank you to my parents for believing in me and supporting my dream of being a full time photographer.

coming soon.

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Photographer/Creative Director/Stylist

Aminah M. || @armphoto_


Sika || @vvwoode


Eden G. || @llethabasedgod


Alyssa M. || @alyssaroseartistry

Special Thanks to;

Ashley Harper

Crystal Twine

Lebraya Simms 

Key Yoniá Smallwood

Antonius Copeland 

Yasmin Harper 

Alveeta Earl 

And My parents.

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