Poetry To My Ears

This photoshoot was a collaboration that I did with writer, Antonius Copeland. I wanted to showcase the photos and the poetry together to create a romantic story in a serene location.

She looked into his eyes, lost in his gaze. He was hers and she was his. Two lovers intertwined. Two lovers against time.He looked into her eyes, lost in her gaze. She was his and he was hers. He couldn’t count the many ways. The many ways he loved her, in that time and space. How someone like her with such beauty and grace, could love someone like him. He became afraid. Afraid that time would go on and things would change. Lost in her gaze he couldn’t turn away. She sensed sadness on his face and smiled as if she knew. You have me and I have you she said. Time will go on, but nothing will change. Time will go on, but one thing remains. I am yours and you are mine. No matter what happens, we’re two lovers against time.

to him she was, 

More than enough when she didn’t feel her best. 

Unconditionally loved as she laid on his chest. 

Sanguine in all her ways, there’s hope for us all she would say. 

Incomparable, no other could equal his muse. 

Cherished by him until the end of time. 

can I write a song about you? 

of course, she replied, but why me? 

because, he smiled. 

you’re my M-U-S-I-C.

It’s a feeling that can’t be described

I can search forever, look far and wide.

No matter where I go it stays on my mind

But it’s something that I can’t seem to find.

It’s a feeling that gets me through my roughest days

Sleepless nights and cases of the Mondays.

No matter where I go it stays with me always

But it’s something that I need more of nowadays.

It’s a feeling that can cure my darkest blue

As refreshing as the morning dew.

It’s a feeling I love this is true

That feeling, is the warmth of you.

Goodbye is the hardest thing to say.

The effect you have on me will never go away.

We were two stars in the sky dancing the night away.

I was like the flowers and trees, you were my rain.

You helped me grow and washed away my pain.

You were the light days to my dark nights.

No matter what we went through, with you all seemed right.

In this time at this moment, I wait for you.

I know you’ll come back to be someday.

For now, Goodbye is the hardest things to say.

You are poetry to my ears.

Each moment I’m with you is a new stanza in my mind

The way you make me feel I can’t describe

Your voice is a never-ending verse

It soothes away all of the hurt

You’re a poem that needs no rhyme

Each moment with you as spontaneous as the next

You are poetry to my ears

I will cherish you forever like a poet and his sacred text. 

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